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Dark Alliance
Callech, Faustus, and Nameless One (Open thread) 
27th-Nov-2006 05:14 pm
A large, circular, decorative black marble table fitted to suit an entire council sat in the centre of a fair sized, dimly lit hall. Two figures had taken their seats; one, a man in flowing, black clerical robes holding a dark and strangely ominous-looking book in his hands. Long, flowing silver hair covered a large amount of his face, the rest concealled in an unworldly shadow. A distinct highlight of the being was the single, glowing eye peering out from the darkness in the side of his face that hair did not cover. He sat silently, hair moving gently on occasion in a non-present wind.

The other figure, several seats down, sat in an equal silence. Heavy-looking ebon armor adorned his frame, and a large, four-foot blade was sheathed and propped against the side of his black merble chair. His thick, dark cloak was draped over his seat but not detached from his shoulders. His face was visible; stern and solid, but not without hints of youth remaining. Those sensitive to it could tell that something of him was beyond a human. The many lesser-ranking no-name soldiers standing at attention in the background (or at least those that belonged to him) were more concentrated on his side of the room, either for protection or because the other guy creeped them out.

The long silence was broken by the disturbingly calm and level voice of the book-holding evil Priest. "It isn't very polite... not taking a seat at council."

A disembodied third voice spoke, to the further creeped-outness of the soldiers. "I am here. If I find the need to sit, I will sit. No sooner, or later. As it stands, the rest of the group has yet to arrive."

"It will not be long..." the armour-clad figure spoke. "Our objective may be spoken of then."
28th-Nov-2006 05:42 pm (UTC)
A few minutes later the flux of power in the room shifted slightly as three figures warped into being.
The first two, and inadvertently the tallest could have been twins, their unsettling emerald green eyes became clearly visible as both pulled back the hoods of their black cloaks, their platinum blond hair varied from both.
The girl, her green eyes harsh had long, flowing hair, the boy\'s was short and jagged, spiked in the front.
The last, a child really, barely 16 if one had to hazard a guess was silver haired and possessed electrifying blue eyes, his smirk was sinister as he calmly took a seat, the other two remained standing for a moment, before the male smirked, walked over to the side of his companion, kicked up a chair and grabbing it with one hand, spun it once, before sitting in it at the end of it\'s rotation.
Slamming his mud clumped boots onto the table he leaned back his grin cocky. The girl sighed, but said nothing.

And just as that had finished, two more entities warped, neither wearing a cloak as the other three had, the man had amber golden hair and dark green eyes that narrowed slightly, the red symbol tattooed beneath his eye glimmering somehow in the narrow light.
The woman, dressed in a very short ended black kimono secured by a black leather belt stepped at his side as they entered the view of the others, but both stayed standing. Both wore carefully blank expressions.

The young boy with silver hair smirked at the two.
\"I take it Menshio deigns not to join us.\" Silence was his answer.
The man to his side with the propped up feet starting laughing.

\"Works for me, more blood that I can soak in.\"
The woman rolled her eyes.
\"You are so very unoriginal.\" She murmured, her voice soft.

\"Enough. Introductions are in order.\" The young boy interrupted and both adults fell silent. \"My name is Eheckoeh Caleta, these are my compatriots Calata,\" He motioned to the man at his side who gave his cocky smirk once again. \"And Jenoen.\" The woman nodded once, short and in a curt fashion.

\"The two over there, Sword-Master Kyo,\" the blond simply scowled. \"And his sister, a poison specialist, Mahiro.\" Mahiro smirked.
\"Please watch what you intake around me, oft my hand has been known to...\" here she gave a thin smile dripping with sinister malice. \"slip.\"

Sighing Eheckoeh turned back to the others.
\"I make it clear here and now, we despise working with others, especially in times like these. However I expect nothing but the utmost efficiency, it is expected that each and everyone of us in this room will perform to the utmost of his or her ability. You fail, you become a liability. Now that you know my policies we may get past the polite pleasantries and on to the topic of discussion. I have another appointment in 1 hour and have little time to waste.\"
28th-Nov-2006 11:37 pm (UTC)
"The boy has a tongue," came the disembodied voice again. The heavy-clad individual turned his head slightly.

"Please, we should keep from delay in these circumstances, as he says," he mentioned. "And keeping on good terms is in our best interests." He looked to the others, bowing his head just slightly and raising his hand in a polite gesture. "I am arch-Leiutenant Faustus, in most official terms. I rule over sections of the military in many surrounding nations, including a loyal elite corps in Sky City itself."

"I am Callech," spoke the enshrouded Priest, bowing his head farther than Faustus had. "Speaker of the Gift and spreader of its divine way throughout the world."

There was a slight pause, before the third voice spoke out. "I go by Nameless One. My affairs are my own."

"To clarify," said Faustus, folding his fingers and placing them on the table. "We are here today because we share a common objective. Aside from our personal agendas, we gather for a single purpose; ousting of the current Ten'yo and placement of ourselves as those in the favor of the gods. For should our actions displease them, we do not hold the power to repel their wrath. If we are agreed-to in this objective, we may now begin in presenting our plans."
29th-Nov-2006 04:12 am (UTC)
Eheckoeh smirked as he propped his elbows up on the table and enlaced his elegant fingers.

"I am so pleased we see eye to eye. As we seem to... wish to cooperate," he began, not daring to use the word trust so lightly. "an explanation is in order, shortly, Calata can infiltrate any area and disguise himself as anyone, Jenoen has the skill to make real life illusions, Jenoen an example is in order." He said quietly and the girl wave her hand once.

Immediately a large thud sounded as a dragon, looking as real and alive as any popped into being landing on the table. It sat there, claws poised as it raised it's snout and breathed a jet of searing flame at an empty chair. Then, as quick as it had come, it was gone, though the burning chair remained.

Eheckoeh smiled innocently. "I myself am apt at body control, there are few I can't master." He said calmly with a soft gleam to his piercing eyes.

"So do you have a plan or are we winging this?" Kyo broke in gruffly, his expression sliding from stoic to less than pleasant.
29th-Nov-2006 04:49 am (UTC)
"Though I hold no plan in and of itself, may I present..." began Callech, reaching into his robe and pulling out a delicately-carved glass bottle filled to the brim with a swirling, red, purple and white drink that seemed to resonate of something very evil. He set it down. "This."

"...What might it be?" Nameless One's voice echoed in the room, seeming a little less than astounded.

"The Gift," explained Callech. "To others it is known as the Fallen Dream Elixir. All who embrace its greatness are gifted with immensely enhanced physical and mental ability. Though those who resist its will, die within short years of its consumption. Those who have drank it, Fallen as they are called, lose their ability to sleep in peace, nightmares haunting their dreams - if they do not embrace Its will, of course. As well, the Gift can then transfer through them to others, spreading Its greatness further...
"I have conrtol of the Gift, and those seeking power from it..." He glanced to one of Faustus' soldiers, whose eyes widened at the notice. "One Captain Williams, for instance..."

Callech held a hand out, and the Captain suddenly tensed, cringing in pain. Callech's visible eye began to glow red, and with minimal effort his power had REVERSED THE FLOW OF THE SOLDIER'S BLOOD, causing him an extremely graphic and unmentionable death.

"...Are subject to my will."

Faustus, though a bit displeased of one of his Captains' unsightly demise, took the information with a grain of salt.
"Then we may remember that in our planning," he stated. "Though pure assassination is not the answer. My suggestion is that we prove ourselves the superior through quality. What the Ten'yo are here to do, we must make it apparent that we are the better at."

"Else find a way to overpower the gods," added Nameless One.

Most would hope that he was being sarcastic, since the gods could likely hear him in the omnipotent way they are, or hopefully they had flipped the omnipotence switch 'off' for the moment to enjoy a game of Chinese Checkers.
30th-Nov-2006 02:51 am (UTC)
In response to the bloody display of power, only one of the five had a reaction and that was a wince followed by some laughter.

Calata, still chuckling turned to Callech his expression amused.
"So just exactly who is and who isn't within your power of turning inside out?" He asked the evil villain and Eheckoeh rolled his eyes. That was Calata for you, always trying to find some way to make a new bloodbath.

"Regarding this unanimous desire of ours, putting it into play will be tricky, especially if we wish to utilize the majority of our skills." Eheckoeh began, choosing his words carefully. "Therefore, we must discover just exactly we must do to gain the favor of our aforementioned gods." He said crisply, then gave the Nameless one a calm glance.

"If you have the desire to overpower the gods and take their place, and a sound method of doing so, I will hear it, until that time speak nothing of the sort for there are eyes everywhere, and words once spoken will fly." He said softly, his gaze fierce, before it turned neutral.

"Peh, our God is simple enough, a chuffle-brained chit with nothing more on the mind then romance." Kyo said stiffly as he tensed and crossed his arms. Mahiro rolled her eyes.
"Pardon him, he's convinced everyone can be fitted into a neat little box, including a 17 year old Goddess who should fit into the role of a female hormonal teenager." Kyo gave her a scathing glare and she returned it with a stoic one.

Shaking his head Eheckoeh continued. "If you wish for... teamwork," he said the word distastefully. "which I assume you do since you called for this gathering, what exactly is the plan to your course of action?"
1st-Dec-2006 07:19 am (UTC)
"Those that take in the Gift are those that I can control," said Callech, his head turning to those around the room slowly. "I do hope that no one else has fallen under Its temptation who wishes to defy It."

"Words will never leave this room," Nameless One, now visible but in a conveniently shadowy end, mentioned, the sillouhette of his hand reaching out calmly. "The most faithful to those gods have been removed."

With a movement of his hand, five more of Faustus' soldiers fell to the ground, slight trails of blood coming from their necks where the well-placed wires had sprung them. "They were dead before I mentioned it."

Faustus, becoming just slightly annoyed at the spontaneous deaths of his semi-important men, now rested his elbows on the table, hands clasped in front of his face.

"Regardless," he began, letting the rest of his breath out in a quiet sigh before breathing in to continue. "The gods can be... wily, as you know. Their doctorines change with the wind. Hence, doing good deeds to gain their favor may in fact anger them, and so it is not to be considered."

(assumes that a collective sigh of relief was heard)

"The main dieties; a demon goddess, a god of earth, and a god of light, differ quite substantially at most times. The favor of one each is all that is needed to ensure our personal protection. I choose to gain the favor of the Earthen god. His Ten'yo are scattered aimlessly, and have not yet banded in strong force. Instead they loiter without orders. The god appears to be enjoying simply to watch what they do, and likely cares little for their lives as they would just return to his realm. Hence I should become the more interesting topic, and as he loses interest in the other Ten'yo he will allow them to die without due resurrection."

"You plan to buy time by putting on a show?" inquired Nameless One, chuckling for a second. "This is non-action. No matter what, the gods' presence places us in a bind. Breaking their favor or their loss of interest will lead to our deaths."

"You rarely bow to others, do you..." stated Callech, his head turned to Nameless One's outline. "You must either assume power or remove those higher than yourself..."

"I am being realistic," returned Nameless One, a growl to his voice. "It is safe to assume that not all of our personal plans might be in the favor of the Higher Ones. We're-"

"Gentlemen..." Faustus cut in, holding a hand to silence the two, Nameless One mostly. He began to explain, slowly and deliberately. "The gods simply need a lasting first impression of us in this realm. Should their attention be deterred by something apart from Sky City, in their eternal existances, they may not notice our doings until long after our goals are met, perhaps long after our own deaths.
"At this moment, my most advanced spellweavers, sages, runeweavers and mechanics are creating a relic that should offer us both their blessing and their non-attention for centuries to come."
21st-Dec-2006 11:22 pm (UTC)
Eheckoeh frowned as he listened.

"It's a very sound plan to be certain, but a minor flaw with the Earth based god, is that if you say he is enjoying simply watching what they do, is it not possible he will not care for us either no matter what we do?" He pointed out calmly.

Kyo on the other hand sneered.
"I can give them a lasting first impression...." He commented as he popped his sword out of its sheath once with his thumb and slid it back in, and repeat, making an annoying 'click' sound.
Mahiro frowned, already irritated with his antic and slammer her heel onto his boot, much to the loud guffawing laughter of Calata.
"You're and absolute idiot brother, killing them will not be of benefit to anyone, provided you can even scratch the gods." She muttered darkly.

Eheckoeh, holding a hand to his temples continued.

"However diverting their attentions sounds perfect, can we trust this relic of yours?" He asked calmly, ignoring the curses that now flew through the air from Kyo's mouth.
23rd-Dec-2006 09:16 am (UTC)
"I assure you, the relic will be both useful and invaluable," Faustus stated, nodding his head slightly and waiting through the curses before continuing. "And as I hear no other suggestions of a... competent nature, regarding deterring the gods, I think it is best we move on to the topic of... mutually beneficial methods of Ten'yo removal.
"I believe that Nameless One here is able to provide us with a first."

The shadowed figure paused for several moments, unmoving.
"...You're aware I demand the Sky City Assassin's Guild is left completely to my doings - in other words, with no intervention from anyone of this council - in exchange for this information," he stated, clear and concise.

"Of course," Faustus replied. "I doubt that many of us take an interest in the shadowed politics of the Assassins. Please do enlighten us."

Nameless One paused again, his figure shifting more comfortably in the chair. "...I have been informed that experiments of an unknown origin have been conducted on young children living in the former Soren Manor. I've gathered little but for the fact that these children, as well as the departed Cratyn D. fa Soren himself, were reported as to having physical ability that matched not only a Ten'yo but one trained as an extremely skilled fighter. My organization plans to conduct further investigation into the manor as well as into the children's abilities, and the two known child suspects are under the custody of one of my best agents as we speak."
1st-Jan-2007 08:18 am (UTC)
Eheckoeh inclined his head towards the Nameless one, smiling.
"Ah yes, the ones that moronic Ninja spoke of, most intriguing, have you found anything of merit yet?"

"Tch, genetic freaks." Calata muttered. "No one these days enjoys a direct little bloodbath anymore." He muttered and was promptly smacked upside the head by Jenoen who frowned at him.

"These matters require delicacy, Calata." Eheckoeh explained rolling his eyes. "You'll have to pardon my companions, aside from Jenoen and Mahiro possibly... the rest are pawns." He said smirking as Kyo and Calata shot him a venomous set of glares.

"So shall we agree on a course set of actions as our hour draws rapidly to a close?" He commented glancing about the table with calm eyes.
1st-Jan-2007 08:38 am (UTC)
"Yes, we shall. I prefer this to be brief," Nameless One mentioned, something on an irritated undertone to his voice.

"We can all be assured that we'll have ample freedom out of sight of the Gods quite soon," Faustus said. "My brilliant engineers shall have the artifact ready within the next two days. After these two days, our individual plans may be set in motion."

"What shall we do to ensure our actions aren't ceaselessly interrupted be the Ten'yo?" asked Callech.

"For that, I have put the names of several known Ten'yo in a box outside of this door," said Faustus. "We may pick whichever we like, and I hope we can agree to put our share in eventually assassinating these chosen Ten'yo when the time is suited to us. I pressure you, though, to remove them quickly so as to prevent them from banding together and causing more of a nusciance. (OoC: Something tells me our bad guys aren't quite agreeable enough to follow that request. XD)"

"I'll be continuing my research," said Nameless One. "I expect no interruption from any of you in my personal doings, as I said."

"I shall spread the greatness of the Gift to this majestic city..." Callech said, raising his arms in a prominent manner. "Though... I suppose I shall limit its use to what this council may see fit."

"My only goal is establishing military occupation here," Faustus said. "I really only consider this city an outpost and strategic point, so you needn't expect interruption in your plans from me."
2nd-Jan-2007 04:59 am (UTC)
Kyo snorted.
"This was a waste of time, nothing but a bunch of old men sitting around a table talking big and doing nothing." He muttered darkly, flipping a strand of bishounen gold hair behind his pointed and multi-pierced ear.
"You disgust me, the lot of you, and I wish you'd all just-" He stopped, for a moment his eyes widened horribly, his skin going pale beneath his tan, before he gritted his teeth and glanced straight at Jenoen.
"Fucking bitch, get rid of the illusion, NOW." He snarled, sweating profusely as his hair seemed to curl, as if seared by intense heat.

Jenonen smiled.
"Then watch your tongue dog." She whispered softly. Eheckoeh sighed.

"Very well, I propose we disband and quickly, so much pride in one room is proving to be quite unhealthy." He murmured.
2nd-Jan-2007 05:21 am (UTC)
No one asked just what in the world Kyo was talking about, but the 'old men' comment got them glancing at each other.

Callech rose from his seat, giving a slight bow. "Very well. I do hope that we meet at a later time." And he vanished in a flash of tainted light.

"I've found this less than beneficial, but at least I've now seen your faces. I may contact some of you again when we've discovered more." And he vanished with hardly a whisper.

Faustus hummed a moment. "...I'll remain here for the time being. This tower is an excellent little outpost. We're dismissed, I suppose."
2nd-Jan-2007 05:41 am (UTC)
Kyo made a "tch" sound and vanished without a word. Mahiro sighed, bowed in nihon-style, before stepping into the shadows, and dissappearing silently.

Eheckoeh stood calmly and smirked.
"Have your fun with that then, we shall be leaving. Calata, Jenoen, shall we?" Calata sighed as he got to his feet with an annoyed mutter.
"Can we just go kill some innocent NPC now?" He asked boredly as he summoned something of a floating board, it was sharp, and jaggedly tipped, black with painted blue and white flames on the board, and hovered in the air, just above the ground.

"I may just kill you." Eheckoeh muttered as he opened a portal that sparked violent colors as he vanished into it. Jenoen sighed and followed him through. As Calata cursed them both, he kicked the board into life, hopped upon it and floated through as well, and then they were gone.

For a moment all seemed silent, before dark chuckling filled the room.
2nd-Jan-2007 05:54 am (UTC) - Faustus
As the NPC soldiers-of-various-ranks shuddered and glanced around nervously, Faustus raised his eyes, glancing around once or twice.

"I'm afraid you've come late. We're adjourned," he stated.
2nd-Jan-2007 06:01 am (UTC) - ???
Emerging from the shadows, there was a nice effect to his entrance as dark shadows and shadowy wisps of a dark fog exited from the portal he had created to enter the room.

"On the contrary... I heard everything." He said softly, his voice amused.
"But..." He began softly as the portal behind him disspated. "Of them all... you intrigue me the most. Don't waste your time on the five of them, they're hopeless, they talk, but in the end they're weak, the three, Eheckoeh and his troop, they're kept under constant surveillance and have three goddesses just waiting for their slip up so that they have an excuse to kill them." He explained boredly as a dank chill settled into the room.

"As for the other two... Mahiro is weak, she was beaten by a human, and Kyo? Throw a Wyvern in his face and he'll be paralyzed by his fear, thrown into irrationality." The man said with an air of carelessness as he exposed their weaknesses.
"No... but you amuse me, I'm interested in you." He said smiling, his eyes hidden beneath the shadows of his hood.
2nd-Jan-2007 06:13 am (UTC) - Faustus
He was still for a few moments, observing the figure. He was powerful, that was apparent. Much more than the others he had just listed.

"...I suppose, then, you're the one they mentioned," he stated, pulling himself to his feet. He wasn't going to sit while an important guest stood. "I hope you excuse me, but I'm not one to take a compliment without a question. Just what provokes this interest of yours, sir?"
2nd-Jan-2007 06:16 am (UTC) - ???
The man smirked and shrugged throwing his hands up like a dramatic actor in a tragic play as he turned and beckoned to the sky.

"Oh just your fascinating obsession for the military arts, I would dare to call you a Fascist dictator perhaps! Only..." He trailed off, lower his arms and his voice became smug. "You've not quite the people to rule yet, or am I mistaken?"
2nd-Jan-2007 06:49 am (UTC) - Faustus
"...If you're interested in my plans, I'm afraid I can't inform you of them in full until I'm sure I can trust you," replied Faustus, rather unimpressed-looking from this man's dramatic speil. "However... you're correct in thinking that I haven't yet the ability to quietly convert those I wish to.

"Though, on perhaps another topic..." he continued. "The head military advisors to the Lords of many nearby lands - human, elven, otherwise - have all had long and impressive histories regarding their actions. Quite long... haven't they?"
9th-Jan-2007 11:15 pm (UTC) - ???
He smiled.
"You are very clever." He commented mildly, then smirked.

"You don't need to tell me your plans, just yet in any case, what I am here to do, is offer a proposition." He said idly.

"And be aware, that if you do not take upon the offer, I shall move on to... what did he call himself? The Nameless One? Him, if you do not seize upon my proposition I shall move on to him, he seems to be eager enough to wipe the gods out in any case." He said calmly as he strided over to the table and slid into a chair that had pulled out slightly before he had even touched it.
10th-Jan-2007 05:02 am (UTC) - Faustus
There was a pause, and he thought for a moment. While cooperation with such a powerful being wasn't exactly the safest proposition. He also seemed a little conniving himself. Perhaps, though, he could benefit if he played this diplomacy right.

"I'm well listening. Please comtinue," he offered.

It was then that he noticed all of his officers had fled the room. Gutless curs...
16th-Jan-2007 11:39 pm (UTC) - ???
A smirk took the man's lips as he rested, perfectly at ease in the chair.

"Allow me to summarize it for you, I have the power to destroy the gods." He said calmly. "Mind you, one at a time, with at least a day's rest in between, even I have limits, but I have the power to do it." He said calmly and smirked.

"The reason I offer this to you, is my only goal is to kill a certain one of the gods, once I have accomplished that, Sky City and Ground City are yours to do with as you please." He commented idly as he held his hand out, palm facing upwards.

A brief sparkle was created as a goblet materialized in his outstretched hand, wrapping elegant fingers around the goblet, he drank the crimson liquid within and smiled.

"Pardon my manners, or lack thereof, would you like one?" He asked gesturing with the goblet.
10th-Feb-2007 09:53 pm (UTC) - Faustus
"Oh, no thank you, I don't mind," replied Faustus, holding his hand out. There was about a 50% cance the man would poison it, anyway. He paused a moment, thinking of this plan to himself.

"So do you, perhaps, wish for me to provide the distraction as you deal death to the gods while they are unknowing?" he asked. "It is a fair plan... but I am sadly at a lack of knowledge to what this plan would mean to the fabric of the universe. Killing the earthen god may mean the end of plant and animal life, as well as catastrophic destruction to anything the earth touches. Defeating the god of light may plunge the world into eternal twilight or nightfall. Both of these would weaken my political power...
"The demon goddess, though... That may not be so dangerous to me. It might even be of benefit..."
24th-Apr-2007 12:53 am (UTC) - ???
The man had to smile as another goblet materialized in Faustus's own hand and he swirled the liquid menacingly in a manner that only bad guys could seemingly.

"Well then that's wonderfully beneficial, seeing as she is the one I wish to kill. And I wouldn't mind a bit of chaos thrown at the other deities... as for throwing the world out of balance, fear not, someone else is always willing to take up the new cause, but they will be new and easily influenced." He remarked silently.

"What I wish for is teamwork, there are others who would seek to... how would you say, interrupt me. If I am forced to face a god or someone of equivalent power with all of their... groupies, present, it could make things difficult. Perhaps you could provide the distraction for them...?"
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