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Dark Alliance
24th-Oct-2006 09:36 pm
Sitting in the Owner's too lazy to give it a name (OTLTGIAN) bar, a young man with distinct pointed ears sat at a table off in the far corner, alone and brooding.

Maybe there was something wrong in his life since he was constantly hanging out in bars.
Or maybe his life just sucked so much he liked to get drunk, kill his liver (which he couldn't no matter how damn hard he tried), and die a horribly painful death.

Yeah that would show that bastard Akito.

Merc's face fell forward and he moaned.
"Life sucks."  He muttered as he shattered the glass in his grip, sending ale and glass shards flying everywhere.
26th-Oct-2006 03:18 am (UTC) - Lynch
Having given up on chasing Smythe who was busy running around Sky City and unaware that he was no longer being chased, Lynch was drowning his sorrow in alchohol and putting it all on the Holy Institution's tab. This pissed the higher up's off and that in turn pissed his immediate superior, Gawain, off. He might as well do something beneficial today, and pissing off his boss always made him happy.

Lynch had now entered stage one of drunkeness. He had three stages of being drunk.

Stage 1: He would retain his tough as nails personality but the filter betweeen his brain and mouth would be removed and he would say things he normally wouldn't say to whatever poor sap was sitting next to him, including (gods forbid) compliments towards Smythe. The rest of his team liked this stage the best, and had even secured funding for Smythe to conduct research to have him stay at this stage all the time. It was also handy that his archery and fighting skills remained unchanged at this stage.

Stage 2: His personality and self-respect went out the window and he would act happy, mad, depressed, and spouting random nonsense all in the same 10 seconds.

Stage 3: He passed out, the bartender threw him out into the street, and someone (usually Doberman(a team member who hasn't shown up yet)) would drag him to headquarters on their way back.

So there he was, aiming for stage 3 hoping nothing world changing would occur when...

(OOC: Please remove the open only to me tag so we can get some other members (Mr. Unimportant) in here.
31st-Oct-2006 02:13 am (UTC) - Mercutio
Mercutio gave a mild glance to his side and noticed one poor sod who seemed deadly intent on destroying his liver today.

A smile quirked his lips and he decided to test how far gone the guy was.

Idly picking up a dull and blunt spoon, he idly tossed it at the man, watching it sail through the air.

Oh the things one did when one was bored as hell.
10th-Nov-2006 02:23 am (UTC) - Lynch
Lynch heard the spoon coming the second it left the other very VERY creepy man's hand. Another quality of stage 1 was that he lost all control over his restraint, and brought out his crossbow. Were there a few more mililitres of alchohol in his body, he may have brought his ultimate weapon out instead. He fired an arrow from the bow and cought the spoon, pinning against a far off wal with perfect accuracy. Even while drunk he shot better than a hundred sober men. The trade off was that he lost his dignity.

"Who did that? Ya wanna fight? I'll fight all six wazillion of ya!!" He then let loose a loud belch that lasted 30 seconds then tried to stand up. And wound up falling flat on his face.
1st-Dec-2006 12:01 am (UTC) - Mercutio
Mercutio raised an eyebrow.
"Really, you may want to attempt the art of standing first." He said calmly as he stayed seated upon his stood, expression distasteful, he definitely wasn't into this one.

His pets had to have some class...
7th-Dec-2006 01:42 am (UTC) - Drunken Lynch
This guy looked tough. Normally Lynch would have added one more hole to this guys personage, but he knew not to underestimate an opponent. There was no question that he would win, but he may have to showcase proof that he was Tenyo and the bar could be filled with assassins. (OOC:Heeheehee. Assassin has the word ass in it twice.) Lynch chose the diplomatic option.

"Good sir," he began. "I don't know why there's a spoon in a tavern, but I have no quarrel with you. Why don't return to our drinks and go home to have our hangovers in peace?"

At least he TRIED to say that. Drunken Lynch randomly lost control of his speech from time to time. He said the above speech word for word, but he said in Spanish. With a Scottish accent. And backwards.

Had Gawain and Smythe been there, they would eagerly be writing down all that was transpiring.
21st-Dec-2006 11:34 pm (UTC) - Mercutio
Now Merc was quite convinced this man was seriously in need of some professional help.

Not that he was the one to do it. Or to even attempt to get him to such a person.
What could he say? He was lazy?

Merc smiled in a casual manner.
"Well I would normally do such a thing, but seeing as I'm bored and tired of sulking, and you were the first available target, I thought I'd see what you can do." He said smirking with a wink.
24th-Jan-2007 04:35 am (UTC) - Drunken Lynch
Normally, Lynch would be shocked that this fellow could understand spanish spoken in a scottish accent and backwards, but he had been winked at.

There were only 3 things Lynch hated... okay, there were only three LISTS of things that he hated, but gays were pretty high on at least one of them.

"What I can do? Exactly what are you insinuating?" Lynch somehow managed to form a coherent sentence.

(OOC: OOH OOH! Make Mercutio say an insult about Lynch's mother! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease??)
24th-Apr-2007 12:58 am (UTC) - Mercutio
"What do you think it means?" Merc asked smirking in a slightly sinister manner.

Idly his hand trailed down his body giving a rather pleasing chance to trail eyes over that lovely sculpted body.

But of course, to any straight man it was just a provocation for violence.
26th-Apr-2007 02:18 am (UTC) - Drunken Lynch
Lynch had been provoked. He could handle being called names he could handle being winked at to an extent, but being checked out by anyone of the same sex as he was just an invitation to rend heads off of necks. Which he would do.

He whipped out his crossbow and aimed a bolt at the poor fellows skull and opened fire.
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