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Dark Alliance
Aly & Klef (Open to Heji) 
5th-Oct-2006 05:00 pm
Stranded in the middle of a foresty nowhere, stuck with only a sobbing elf and a stranger he barely knew and surrounded by hundreds of ravenous beasts was not Klef's idea of a good day.

Then again, rarely was there ever such a thing as a 'good day' in his book.

"Kid I swear... now is a nice time to warp us!"  Klef hissed at Aly who continued to sob.

Klef face palmed, perfect, just how he wanted to die.
13th-Oct-2006 04:23 am (UTC) - Heji
(You coulda made it, like, an arrow or something, just to tell you. o-o
Get on with it. XP)

A large lupine creature had bounded from the nearby bush, aimed for Klef's throat, but thankfully hadn't considered that its presence could be detected, and smashed into a tree because of its undesired momentum, immediately unconscious.

Heji busied himself for a moment by wiping the mud from his face - Klef had gotten just a bit too close to the ground and Heji had dragged for a couple of feet.
"How much farther?" he finally asked, attempting to glance behind them once.
13th-Oct-2006 04:34 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef was about to answer, when his answer came in the form of him suddenly stopping comically short in mid stride.
In the air.

Glancing about himself, Klef hovered in the air for a moment, a bit hysterically.

And he sighed.

"I hate you." He muttered at the sky, then plummeted downwards and slammed through a very weak roof that slowed their fall, but ultimately what broke it was a pool of water.

Correction, not a pool.

A bath.

A woman's bath.

Well heck.
13th-Oct-2006 04:46 am (UTC) - Heji
(Well done, you have found one of Heji's anti-elements. And it's not water. XD)

It was a resounding splash, and it took Heji several moments to regain his equilibrium. Blinking once or twice, he surfaced, standing shakily where he was and rubbing his eyes to clear his vision.
And then he opened them. It took a couple of blinks, but he eventually saw quite clearly.

His eyes widened, a small black aura beginning to stem from him and swirl around uneasily. He turned away, but quickly noticed he was right in the middle of this place. Before he could even judge the women's expressions, he pulled himself back into the water, holding his nose but not fully supressing the stream of red flowing from it. The aura continued to swirl, keeping very close to his body as though wanting to hide too.
13th-Oct-2006 04:50 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef however, due to certain... problems with his bloodline did not do well with water. Cursing every known swear to his vocabulary, which was extremely extensive, he left the coat floating in the water as it hindered his movement and crawled out of the pool looking like a drowned puppy.
Well, close.
Drowned wolf.

Without a coat, his vest which left his chest showing and white loose pants with black boots were viewable.

Mostly noticeable was the long and elegant black tail that twitched irritation attatched firmly to rear appendages, and his wolf like ears twitched on his head as he scowled, red faced and trying to stumble his way, blindly through out the room.

Surprisingly, the screams hadn't started yet.

Klef's curses did however begin anew when he tripped back into the pool... right onto pof Heji.
13th-Oct-2006 05:07 am (UTC) - Heji
Well, now he was drowning. Having coughed out his air from the impact, he struggled to get himself back to the surface. A sudden wave of panic shot through him. And when he had a shock of panic...

Well, the water was gone at least. Everything around him had been shot away by the shockwave that came from his body. The girls immediately near had been flung right out of the pool, and the rest were victim to the tidal wave that ensued. Heji took a deep breath and, noticing the soon-to-be resurgance of water, held it before being lost in a great, encompassing wave.

(I doubt it killed anyone, but this just isn't their day, huh... No idea what happened to Klef, by the way. XD)
13th-Oct-2006 05:09 am (UTC) - Klef
Well this was interesting.
Somehow in all the ensuing mass of screams, curses, water spewing and tidal waves, Klef somehow found himself on top of a woman.

In a... not so happy way.

He was immediately assailed with a shriek and a kick to the face that, surprisingly, sent him flying back.

And knocked him into Heji. AGAIN.
13th-Oct-2006 05:23 am (UTC) - Heji
Rinse and repeat, only this time, Heji, a little more prepared, stuck one hand into the air and directed the blast straight upward, where there was a hole already in the roof.
Unfortunately, it was also in the vicinity of Klef.

Freed from his weight (XD), Heji pulled his head out of the water, hair now thoroughly untied and loose around his shoulders and in front of his face in all of its long, wet, straight blackness. He sighed, glad for the temporary break from drowning.

(You know what you must do.)
13th-Oct-2006 05:25 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef, in his new surroundings, stayed still on all fours, his hands held tightly to the support beams which creaked ominously.
He was SO not into a third dunking.

"When I get my hands on you you fucking..." He hissed, then stopped short as one of the beams creaked precariously, and against all will, he whimpered.

(OOC: I do? O.O)
13th-Oct-2006 05:38 am (UTC) - Heji & ???
(Well, spontaneous falling-on-Heji again, but we'll see...)

Heji, once his breath was fully caught, dared to glance around, noting the stunned and still expressions now present in many of the women. He shut his eyes finally, the aura back again, and able to tell where everything was easily enough from the emotions of the bath's inhabitants.

"...Why do you all bath together?" he couldn't help but inquire, the response a shoe of some sort to the back of his head. "...I'm sorry."

He began to wade across the pool, but stopped after a moment and opened his eyes, staring in shock at one of the young women, who sat on her feet with knees up on the edge of the pool. She had black hair tied back in a braid and wore a pinkish-reddish ceramonial burial hat with a seal hanging from it, and didn't seem to care as much as the others about the nothing-else that she also wore. She stared at Heji with childish fascination as he stared back in apparent shock.

Perhaps he should have waited to be out of the pool...
16th-Oct-2006 04:25 am (UTC) - Klef & Alyn
Klef stayed rock still, and just as he was certain he had avoided the danger of falling, fate ruined his day.

Jerry was a squirrel, a happy little rodent who had naught more on his mind then gathering his nuts (( :x )) and storing them for winter hibernation. No he was quite more then happy to go about his merry way, ignoring all.

Alyn, who stood upon the cliff Klef and Heji had... run off of, so to speak, looked down, endlessly amused, his crimson eyes glinting with laughter.

He spotted poor Jerry making his way home to his tree, and grabbed the rodent from a branch, quick as a flash.

"I wonder if squirrels land on their feet." And he dropped Jerry over the edge.

Back with Klef, the half-demon had just reached out to move off the roof, when Jerry landed on his back with a loud thump.

Klef crashed through the roof, but brilliantly managed to catch himself on a wooden beam inside the building with his credible expertise.

Unfortunately Jerry skittered in a panic down his shirt.

Klef panicked.

Panicked Klef flailed.

Flailing panicked Klef fell backwards.


No, not Heji. Believe it or not.

He fell onto a wooden bench with three supports, his fall knocking two of them away, leaving only the middle.

Then a pile of rubble from the support beam went crashing down on the end Klef did not sit upon.

Klef went flying.

Now he landed on Heji.

With a resounding crash one should note.
16th-Oct-2006 04:42 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
Heji expected this one, at least, and remained still underwater, the side of his face pressed against the floor by some heavy, flat part of Klef's anatomy. Seeing as the person had an aversion to water, hopefully he would get off before Heji was crushed and/or drowned.

Because he knew what would happen to his body if he died here.

The odd girl continued to watch, blinking once or twice, still staring as though Heji was staring back.
She then got a most excellent idea.

"WHEEEEE!" she exclaimed, bounding from where she was and joining the pile in another resounding splash.
16th-Oct-2006 04:45 am (UTC) - Klef and Alyn
Klef floundered in the water, and tried to get up.

Then got dog piled from behind and sunk beneath the water level entirely.

Now in a happy dog-ish-pile of Klef, Heji, Jerry the squirrel who fled as quickly as he managed to get out of the water, and the new girl, Klef, was pissed.

Hurricane time.

As wind flew in a funnel, originating from Klef, it sucked the water up into it and... well he really should have thought this out.

It sucked Klef, and anyone within a five foot radius of him up as well.

Of course, Klef also should have thought before he stopped it, because he stopped it when they were all 20 feet in the air.

And no water down below to soften it this time, they had used it all up.

Alyn, jumping down and landing the weak roof light as a feather, without worry of it breaking beneath him (wtf?!) he walked over and waved merrily at Klef, his bow readily in hand.
16th-Oct-2006 05:06 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
The girl landed first, cracking the roof, followed by Heji on top of her, and they both crashed through, landing on the hard flooring below.

And now... Heji was in pain. He rolled off of her slowly, wondering for a moment if she was all right, but then remembering who she was and attempting to get himself away from her as quickly as possible.

The girl got to her feet easily enough, brushing off her hat and... body, and frowning for a moment.
"Owwie..." she muttered, stretching her arms and then looking toward Heji. She waved pleasantly.

Heji, now against a wall and trying to crawl up to a standing position, addressed her nod with an incredulous stare.

The girl tilted her head slightly, confused. "Whaat?"

"You... tried to eat Sanako-sama!" he accused, for once with enough adrenalive surging through him for him to actually shout.

"Ooh..." she replied, as though it were new information. She then seemed to recognize him, and started to hop in place. "Oh, are you that boy? You look different when you're wet and your hair's out and you're pale and a little bruised and you're wet. I'm Mia!" She gave a childish smile.

Heji just stared... Not that he meant to - she was still naked.
16th-Oct-2006 05:13 am (UTC) - Klef & Alyn
By some stroke of luck, possibly, or just because some fate gosh darned willed it, Klef landed on someone.

By fate, not Heji, Mia. He landed on Mia with a crash, thud and an 'OOF!'

Alyn broke out laughing.
16th-Oct-2006 05:28 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
Heji noticed the voice, not to mention the sinister intent, and gazed up, tensing at the sight of Alyn. He looked left and right. These people had to be protected... Quickly, he drew out his sword, but couldn't seem to focus his power to do anything due to how dazed he was and how many naked women were still around.

Mia, meanwhile, shook her head to get the stars out, and decided that they were playing a fun game. He pushed Klef off, getting to her feet and jumping right on top of him, smiling at him face-to-face.
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