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araiansu_yami's Journal

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~ Sky City ~
Home of the Gods and those that serve them, the Ten'yo.

"Where am I...?"
"Ahh, welcome back to the world of the living young child. Now, now, don't try to sit up, lay back and rest a while, you've not had an easy trip I'll wager, Sky City is no easy landmark to make. Eh? What's that? You don't know what Sky City is? Heavens, what desert worm gobbled you up and trapped you in its bowels? Now settle down youngin', I don't mean to insult your tender pride. Sky City is the floating capital of Issai Kotodomo, that's our world, it hovers half over sea and half over land and the only way to get here is by the Ark from Ground City. (As you can imagine, Ground City is like Sky City but on the ground.) Some say Sky City is the city of the Gods, omnipotent forces that rule over this world. Some good, some evil, some neutral, but all of them fearsomely powerful. I can't tell you for sure though, I've never seen one myself."

"Why am I here...?"
"Why are you-? Well I can only imagine you were summoned by one of the Gods. They do that from time to time, send out invitations in the forms of dreams, epiphanies or prophecies to great heroes or beings in hopes of claiming that one as one of their Ten'yo. I don't know why else a person like yourself would be here..."

"What's... what's a Ten'yo?"
"A Ten'yo? Well they're the servants of the Gods. They act in place of the Gods at times, fulfilling missions and duties handed to them and... that sort of thing. It's a great thing to be a Ten'yo, you get prestige, a life of luxury (save for all those dangerous missions) plenty of money, respect, power and I've even heard if you're good enough in the ranks of your God that they'll pave a way for you to obtain what you desire most."

"So... I'm a Ten'yo?"
"I see you're suffering an affliction from the Ark, temporary amnesia. No, I don't think you are yet. Ten'yos have to gain their status by proving their worth to the God that summoned them. Have no fear of finding that God, they are always watching you. You should try proving yourself by defeating monsters, forming alliances with other would-be Ten'yos like yourself, or those that are already among the chosen. Friends and enemies define who you are and where you stand you know, your best bet would be to get out there and explore Sky City."

"I see."
"Glad you do, I've left some basic supplies here on your bed table, everything you were found with, and a map. I've marked some important locations for you to visit, they'll be critical in your journey to become a Ten'yo, and possibly afterwards. I'd recommend you get out there and start that proving yourself thing right away."

"I'll do that. As for you..."
"Figured it out already hm? Well no worries, I will be watching out for you. After all... I want to see everything you, as one who may become my Ten'yo, can do."
"Good luck then, and I bid you well wishes."


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