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Dark Alliance
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5th-Jun-2006 11:47 pm - Ruler of Exile Manor: Ryuujin
Welcome to Ariansu-Yami.
To lay down the barest of rules;
"Gods" will post with their occupation as the subject heading, and when entering a journal entry, should try to < bold > all their text.
This is to separate the gods from the Ten'yo. The GodSend.

The Ten'yo shall post with their name in the subject, and their body text is preferred not to be bolded in the from of God posts.

~ There is no unwarranted killing, unwanted killing, unfair killing, any sort of killing not approved by both owners, as fun as it may be.
~ As this is an Original Character RP, be as random as you may.
~ YOU are the gods, you control YOUR Ten'yo, not his, not her's, not Hibahabahoo's.... (don't ask), and as YOU are the God, you're CHARACTER IS NOT.
~ And remember, the Alliance is always ready to go to war.
... with each other.
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