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Dark Alliance
16th-Oct-2006 03:50 pm
Flicking back an errant strand of his black hair, he stayed carefully within the dim shade of light cast off by the street lamp above.  His blue eyes surveyed the area, yet he remained at ease, waiting, a single slip of paper clutched in his hands.

Having disgarded the cloak for such a mission as this, his first layer of clothing was skin tight black cloth that wrapped all the way from ankle to wrists and the very top of his neck.  The second was much looser black clothing that fell to his forearms and to his shins freely, allowing comfortable movement.  The last was a long and wide bit of black, edged in a violet blue color strip of cloth that with a single hole for the head to go through, fell to his ankles in front to back and was secured with a simple thin silver sash.  What appeared to be lace up combat boots from shin to ankle ended in what was similar to a pair of sandals for quiet movement.

His weapons carefully concealed among his clothing, he appeared perfectly harmless, if only oddly dressed.

Glancing at the paper in his hand, he smiled.

Target: Cratyn D. fa Soren.
Expire by: Prayer's Day.

'God loves me, I've been wanting to kill this bastard for quite some time now...'  He thought smirking, but the grin faded as he glanced around.

He could have done without the partner but... orders were orders.
16th-Oct-2006 10:18 pm (UTC) - Crimson
A figure appeared nearby, quite literally, and immediately began to walk from the shadow of a nearby building toward the streetlamp. He held a similar piece of paper in a black glove gilded in thin white steel. He wore... this thing ( http://home.earthlink.net/~delhimo/images/new/Male_Assassin_Cross.gif ), though it was coloured, as implied, black and white. His weapons were concealled behind the small cloakpiece, and many would suspect him for a suspicious figure if he didn't wear what he did on his head. A flu mask covered his mouth and nose, and his eyes were partly shaded by a brown, leather, round-brimmed hat with a small, faint purple ribbon around the top, a bow tied in front. Pointed silver-white hair (a good degree tamer than the hair in that pic, mind you) poked out from underneath the hat.

Not that his attire radiated cheer, but he was in a particularly bad mood today. He was assigned a partner for this mission - the nerve of the higher-ups... Perhaps it was jobshadowing, though. He couldn't think of any other reason. He could wipe out entire noble families in a single night. How one single person could be such a big deal was beyond him. Resisting the urge to sigh, he entered the rays of the streetlight.

16th-Oct-2006 10:22 pm (UTC) - Kouryuu
Kou sensed the newcomer the minute he came within the 15 feet radius, but had a little difficulty pinpoiting exactly where.

Hmm, must be him. Straightening from his relaxed leaning position against the lamplight, he gave the newcomer a courteous nod as he unfolded his arms and let them lie limply at his side.

"Kouryuu of Exile Empire. You're my... partner?" He asked, the word came out a little more distastefully then intended.
16th-Oct-2006 10:32 pm (UTC) - Crimson
"Crimson, and yep," he replied, glancing away in a manner that showed he had the same feelings about this mission as this Kouryuu did. He walked into the light further, glancing around once. "Well... the sooner the better. Let's see just what makes the bosses think it'll take more than one chef to fry this fish."

He paused a moment. "...Sorry, I'm not the best with figures of speech. Used to having no one to bother talking with."
16th-Oct-2006 10:38 pm (UTC) - Kou
Kou nodded, and against his will, his lip quirked upwards a bit, creating a somewhat awkward smile.

He quickly covered it with a cough into his hand and glanced up, his face composed once more.

"... same." He said lamely then sighed. "According to the clientelle, this... Cratyn is noble born and bred, extremely arrogant, a noteable swordsman, a captain of the Rider's division, and fiance to one Isabella d'Ange." He said in a low voice, the words barely making sound past his lips.

"He is currently housed in his own mansion, surrounded by only the loyalest of guards, however as he is quite unlikeable, they're expensive mercenaries, yet most of them are also... cowards. After disposing of a few of them in a quick and timely manner, it is hopeful," he said the word hopeful with an expression like a sour pickle. "that the rest will simply scatter in fear for their own lives. That is if we're discovered of course. Which I am quite perceptive, we won't." He shot Crimson a glance that wanted confirmation of this.

His God wouldn't be so cruel as to stick him with someone like Jocose right...?

Wait, what was he thinking?

He sighed and rubbed his temples. "Our primary tactic is to infiltrate, search, destroy, and escape with minimal damage and maximum secrecy."
16th-Oct-2006 10:48 pm (UTC) - Crimson
"Hm... Done," replied Crimson, recalling the address and turning his head in the approximate direction of the house. He yawned once. "I'm sure we both have our own little plans for this, but let's get an outline at least and go from there. Here it is; you get the guards out of the way, I make the kill. Once I'm inside you can... hit the late-night snack bar or something - I can do secrecy."
16th-Oct-2006 10:53 pm (UTC) - Kouryuu
Kouryuu listened to the man, and his eyes narrowed slightly and he shot Crimson a glance that radiated dislike.

"I apologize if you were under the impression I am an amateur. I can assure you, wholly and completely I am nothing but a professional, to even accuse me of such is an insult to my teacher." He said in a soft voice, blaring off his animosity.

"I propose we hit from two different spots, so that under the circumstances one of us," he he blatantly shot Crimson a dirty look. "the other will be able to finish the job. You deal with your own guards. As it is clearly obvious, neither of us deign to work together." He hissed.
16th-Oct-2006 10:56 pm (UTC) - OOC
Shit, the line is supposed to read:

"... so that under the circumstances one of us should be... neutralized," he blatantly shot Crimson a dirty look. "the other will be able to finish the job. You deal with your own guards. As it is clearly obvious, neither of us deign to work together." He hissed.
16th-Oct-2006 11:07 pm (UTC) - Crimson
Crimson glanced back at him for a moment.

"...Well, if you're that determined to work tonight," he agreed, shrugging. "And I wouldn't want my teacher displeased either."

He tapped his foot a few times. There was no way he was going to go into an advanced tactical plan with this guy. He was definitely more of an independant... Actually, Kou's idea seemed pretty good.

He closed his eyes as though smiling. "All right, since I believe firmly in competition over cooperation, let's do that. I'll hit the left, you'll hit the right. Game on."

He cloaked, invisible now to the naked eye.

(OoC: Well that turned into a anti-duo pretty fast. o-o)
16th-Oct-2006 11:13 pm (UTC) - Kouryuu
Kou sneered.

"Capitalist." And he vanished in a whiff of faintly thin smoke from beneath the light.

Moving swiftly down the dark alleyways, his form was a mere blur of shadow as he approached the target location from the right side, a large mansion on the crest of a hill, surrounded by high walls. Picking up speed he aimed himself forward, arms loose behind him as his foot hit the wall...

And he went vertical. Climbing the wall without losing any speed, he launched himself into the air, twisted his his and landed soundlessly on a tree branch, hidden from view in the leafy branches. He scanned the area while his hand pulled up the collar of his shirt to hide the bottom half of his face while the second pulled out a kunai from the folds of his shirt. He looked around once, then leapt from the tree and made his way over to a window, his kunai flying from his hand, thunking into the exact spot where it latched to the wall, flying through the open window, he rolled to his feet, pulled his kunai from the wall, and with a quick kick from the back of his foot, dumped the window back into place as he melded with the shadows.

His once black hair was now silver, his blues eyes crimson as he glanced around, smirking. This was way to-

He nearly tripped, stumbling back only briefly after seeing the multiple trip wires.

Yeah, way too easy. He sighed, nothing in life was ever simple.
17th-Oct-2006 04:35 am (UTC) - Crimson
Closing and locking the side door behind him, Crimson, still invisible, glanced around the darkened hall he was in.
An important trait of the hardened mercenary bodyguard was that they more often than not had a preferance to relieving themselves out-of-doors. After much argument over the issue, the high-ranking noble would decide not to upset his only line of human defense and tell the brigand to lock and secure the doors behind them when they went - as well as not do a Number 2, but that was beside the point. What the noble would not think of was that the brigand, while surely powerful and keen, would need to bring the key with them and be vulnerable to a skilled pickpocket for just a moment. The mercenary would later find the key in front of the door and, as nothing else seemed awry, would assume he had dropped it.

It was this or jump through the window like everybody else.

Crimson began to step softly along, following the exact footsteps that another on-duty mercenary was taking, headed down the hall. the man was stepping tentatively, as though he had gone through a couple of lectures earlier about something.
Great, so he was following a newbie through whatever traps were in store.

Suddenly, the man turned, going the other way, perhaps unnerved. Crimson glanced left and right, then decided to jump straight up, as the man hurried past and beneath him. He landed on the ground with trained silence. Unfortunately, he had felt something on the back of his neck when he was in mid-air, and glanced up to see a small chandelier hanging precariously on the end of a screw.
Ooh, clever.

The hanging fell off, headed right down for him. Crimson grabbed it, once again in complete silence, and looked around for somewhere to put it...

He then noticed the guard beginning to turn around.

Though he had sworn he felt some weird feeling just now, nothing seemed to be there. Everything looked in place - the statues, the paintings, the chandelier... Shrugging, the guard turned around, praying not to step on a trip wire he didn't know about.

Crimson, visible for a moment but concealled in the large ornamental hanging, sighed once in relief. Thank goodness a Katar doubled as a great screwdriver...
17th-Oct-2006 06:19 am (UTC) - Kouryuu
Lessee... 20 more trip wires to go.
Ah that one led to a flamethrower.
Okay that one was evil to any male, this guy had absolutely no honor.

Kouryuu winced as he bypassed the wire that would shoot a javelin straight and vertically if tripped. Talk about losing your ass virginity in a not nice way...

He seemed to be in the clear... moving swiftly, he treaded down the hallway carpet, then stopped.

Something was wrong, seriously, seriously wrong.

Ah, he knew what it was.

There was a 4 year old girl standing at the end of the hallway carrying an axe twice her size.

Jumping onto the rafters above to hide himself from view, he looked her over.

She was... maybe 4'5. At best. Skinny, very thin, had pigtails much to his irritation, and wide green eyes to match her red hair.

Well good god, that was a double handed axe she was waving with her single hand. Tilting his head to one side, he picked a small round metal ball from inside his shirt and flicked it at the wall next to her head.

It hit the wall with a large clack, and the girl jumped, bringing the ax down on the ground with a large slam that shuddered the ground. Kou winced, damn she was wound tight.

Immediately the little metal ball that landed sprouted out a clear, invisible gas and the girl sunk to the floor in seconds, curling up in a fetal position with her thumb tucked into her mouth.

Kou winced as he dropped to the ground silently, and ran forward, picking up the metal ball as he passed it and turned left.

Now what the hell was that? This guy is seriously fucked up, I mean, honestly... how the hell did he- whoops, focus Kou. He skidded to a stop and leaned against the wall peering around the corner.


He must be near the middle of the house, because there before him stood a man with long red hair primped in every way, pale, flawless skin, cold ice blue eyes and a skinny yet built form, a fencing degen strapped to his side.

"Lord Cratyn, I have a letter for you from your fiance Lady Isabella."
A man said to the red head who sighed and took the letter, opening it with two slim hands he smiled at the guards.

"The woman simply can't let me be, she must be crazy with longing."

"Read it out sir, oh go on!" The man simpered.

"Oh very well... To my dearest fiance, Lord Cretin... what on..."

"My lord... did she just call you Lord-?"

"S-she must have made a spelling error, you know women no mind for the studies." He said laughing nervously. "Moving on, I thought I'd write to you to give you your weekly reminder that I hate you, and that you're the most foul, wretched, abhorred, disgusting, disgraceful, miserable, useless, annoying, loathesome, weak, cowardly, scrawny, buck-toothed, pathetic, foolish, cruel, low-down... "

Kou sank against the wall and pulled out his cards. This was going to take a while.

- 20 minutes later -

Oh for god's sake, that was it. Putting away his third round of solitaire, he stood and peeked around the corner, relieved to see Cratyn coming to the end of the letter.

"Ignorant, stupid, and idiotic fiend alive. Also, I wanted to let you know your mother misses you terribly. With all my hate, Isabella d'Ange."


Now, was the time to strike.
17th-Oct-2006 06:51 am (UTC) - Crimson
It had been six stupid grunts and ten or fifteen more damn chandeliers, but Crimson had made it in plenty of time to hear the list of depravities the man's apparent lover had called him. Now all that was left was to take him out silently and get his ass out of there before any trouble was stirred up.

Now, the options... Which vital point? Katars or poison throwing knives? Perhaps a wire trap just for personal payback. Hm... Crimson tapped his hat in thought. Might as well be quick and dirty - apparently this guy was quite the rat bastard. a nice Katar slide across the throat. Blood, mess, but no evidence left behind. It's not like you could make a noble's body just 'disappear' anyway. People always noticed and immediately linked it to assassination. Crimson had even written a nice letter once in a noble's handwriting saying that he had moved to a faraway place to get away from the rabble, but they didn't believe it for a second...

Anyway, he gripped his right-hand weapon in preparation and made a dash at the man, weapon poised to cut him from end to end as he passed by. Hah, he wouldn't turn visible until he made contact. Tried-and-true, they never see it coming.

(OoC: I imagine you're about to make something go terribly askew? o-o)
17th-Oct-2006 10:20 pm (UTC) - Kouryuu
Seeing he was done reading his letter, because Kou absolutely abhorred it when people interrupted others reading their mail, Kou withdrew his katanas from their sheaths on the back of his belt and unknowingly, just as Crimson began his dash, so did Kouryuu.

Of course... here comes fate.

Suddenly, right in Crimson's direct path a door opened and a man stepped out.

"Lord Cratyn I-" Kou paled as Cratyn turned to his side to address the man, forcing Kou to trip on the suddenly outstretched foot.

Aw damn.
18th-Oct-2006 04:11 am (UTC) - Crimson

How sad that the way he was taught to run had him going face-first most of the time. That and with his one arm crossed over his arm was now embedded into the plating in his chest.

A door... For godsakes...
He remained where he was for a couple of seconds, trying to regain himself with his forehead pressed against the door.
18th-Oct-2006 11:25 pm (UTC) - Kouryuu
Unfortunately for Kou, and for Crimson one could suppose, Kou went flying, head first into the man who had opened the door and both slammed into said door.

Slamming backwards against the wall, effectively crushing whomever could possibly be behind it, Kou lay on top of the man, stunned, before rolling off.

Glancing at the ceiling, you could almost swear there were tiny pinpricks of tears of frustration at the edge of Kou's eyes as he raised his hand up to the ceiling, as if reaching for his god...

Then his hand tightened into a fist, as if strangling his god.

Then he shook his fist at the ceiling, muttering inane ramblings and curses softly under his breath.
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