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Dark Alliance
Aly & Klef (Open to Heji) 
5th-Oct-2006 05:00 pm
Stranded in the middle of a foresty nowhere, stuck with only a sobbing elf and a stranger he barely knew and surrounded by hundreds of ravenous beasts was not Klef's idea of a good day.

Then again, rarely was there ever such a thing as a 'good day' in his book.

"Kid I swear... now is a nice time to warp us!"  Klef hissed at Aly who continued to sob.

Klef face palmed, perfect, just how he wanted to die.
9th-Jan-2007 11:25 pm (UTC) - Klef
Klef blinked.
"Hmm? Oh, I'm of the Exile Empire, the actual Exile Empire, our goddess named her world after it. It's a group of assassins. Though I haven't actually fucken' killed anyone in ages, I'm a general, but mostly I teach classes on how to be an assassin." He muttered as he finished patting his hair down, and turned to his person.
Pausing, he sighed.
"Well no point hiding it now." He muttered and brushed aside strands of his hair as two canine ears poked out of his hair freely and twitched slightly in a cold gust of wind.

His tail flicking idly behind him he glanced back at Heji and shrugged.
"Oh, and I've been infused with monster blood."
10th-Feb-2007 09:53 pm (UTC) - Heji
Strangely unshaken by the monster-blood fact, Heji let out an "Oh..." of interest to the rest of his description. A general. He hadn't seen many of those...
"That's really interesting..." he said as he looked at him a moment. "I don't do anything that important... But you should meet Sanako-sama. He's an assassin too."

Heji blinked, glancing forward again. "Oh... We're almost there."
24th-Apr-2007 01:01 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef shrugged.
"Probably wouldn't give a damn, other assassins outside of Exile tend to think they're all fucken' that." He said boredly.

"Really? About time, feels like it's been 5 fucking months." He muttered dimly.
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