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Dark Alliance
Aly & Klef (Open to Heji) 
5th-Oct-2006 05:00 pm
Stranded in the middle of a foresty nowhere, stuck with only a sobbing elf and a stranger he barely knew and surrounded by hundreds of ravenous beasts was not Klef's idea of a good day.

Then again, rarely was there ever such a thing as a 'good day' in his book.

"Kid I swear... now is a nice time to warp us!"  Klef hissed at Aly who continued to sob.

Klef face palmed, perfect, just how he wanted to die.
19th-Oct-2006 02:51 am (UTC) - Heji
Heji turned slightly, raising a hand up at the falling mass.

In a powerful shock of force, the ice was sent the exact oposite direction. Another large hole was blasted through the roof as well, and the larger pieces of ice were sent flying through it, landing with audible thumps in the distance outside.

Heji turned to him again. "Please stop..."
19th-Oct-2006 02:54 am (UTC) - Alyn
Alyn grinned.

"Oh now I'm definitely interested! I wonder what else you can do... what a neat little toy." He said grinning impishly.
19th-Oct-2006 03:04 am (UTC) - Heji
All right, he felt justified in this now.

No one risked other people's lives for their own amusement.
And no one made a toy out of his power... Almost no one.

He turned his hand toward Alyn, eyes narrowing. He hesitated to do it, though... "...One more, and..."
19th-Oct-2006 03:18 am (UTC) - Alyn and Merlin
Alyn sneered.

"Bring it on you weak-" He suddenly broke off, his eyes widening.

Before he suddenly fell forward in a slump, his bow vanishing in a wisp of silver.

"So... that's what I was called here for..." A soft voice commented idly.

Now that there was nothing incredibly hysterical to laugh about, Merl was calm, composed, and silent, his expression blank.

"... hm. I apologize on behalf of my companion." Merl commented walking over and looking at the elf in disgust.

"You will have to pardon Alyn, as it is his vampirical side that comes out at night, he often has no reserve with his words and... does rather disreputable things." He commented idly.
19th-Oct-2006 03:33 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
Heji paused a few moments, his eyes slowly returning to their original shade.

"He was different..." Heji mentioned, lowering his hand and looking at the ground with guilt. He also staggered, the fullness of the condition his muscles were in returning to him. "I... didn't want to try hurting him, but these people..."

Mia returned, bouncing out the door clothed in a large red women's ceramonial burial outfit, which thankfully left basically everything to the imagination. He returned to Klef, smiling at the others as she passed, and bent down.

"Ooh... I wonder if he's gonna die..." she muttered to herself. A smile returned. "Misery putting-outing!"

And she bit into his arm.
19th-Oct-2006 03:39 am (UTC) - Merl and Klef
Turning to Heji, Merl smiled.
"Don't worry, I'm rather grateful to you, you didn't hurt him after all. Others older then you have been known to do worse to him in his vampiric form, and for that I thank you. I'll assure it that once Aly comes back, we shall find you so that he may apologize, he'll want to." He commented as he hefted Alyn up by the shoulder, then nodded.

"A good day to you." And they vanished into a portal.


19th-Oct-2006 03:52 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
And he didn't offer to teleport them...

Heji paused a moment, then sat down, tracing random lines on the wet floor with his finger. Now they were in trouble...

Mia looked up at Klef, blinking once before letting go.
"Oh, so you're gonna be okay..." she said, half-disappointed. The cursed smile returned. "Well just lemme finish this one piece."

24th-Oct-2006 11:27 pm (UTC) - Klef
Klef hissed and pried Mia from his arm, observing the wound carefully, before he glared at Heji, holding Mia away at arm's length.

25th-Oct-2006 04:23 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
Heji looked back, still sitting, blinking once.

"I don't know..." he replied meekly. "There are a lot of monsters that look like her, though... where I'm from. So I think she's-"

"YEP!" replied Mia, grinning at him. "I'm dead, I'm a Munak! But I'm Master's Munak so I don't go hunting peoples anymore, no..."

"What about..." began Heji, getting up and walking closer to the two. He stared Mia in the eyes for a moment. "...What about the girl in the other room?"

Mia's eyes widened. She looked rather nervous now.
"Oh, nonono!" she said, shaking her hands slightly. "I just, I just, I was gonna make her a dress and she shouldn't see until I'm done so I tied her up and left her in that storage room..."

"I didn't eat her yet! Don't tell Master, he doesn't like when I eat people that aren't suspicious...!"

And so Mia's veil of lies was dissipated, in the space of two paragraphs.
31st-Oct-2006 02:19 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef wisely shuffled back a few spaces for his own personal safety from the girl, looking a tad bit concerned about his appendages.

"... does she have a poison bite? And what the fuck is a Munak? And if she has a master why isn't he goddamned here?!" He snapped.
31st-Oct-2006 05:15 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
"Master's on an important mission," Mia said, smiling and nodding to her own statement. "He said it's another mansion and I'm not supposed to come on those, so he said to stay, so I stayed, and then I left."

Meanwhile, Heji struggled to answer his non-poison-related question.
"Munaks are... um... the undead bodies of girls who... died because of love, I think. A seal animates their bodies and they... drink blood to keep preserved... I don't know how they're really made other than that..."

Mia nodded at this, too. "Oh oh, and my bite's not poison, but I gave somebody a disease once!"
8th-Nov-2006 05:30 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef at this current point in time had completely tuned out Heji.

".... you need a rabies shot kid." He muttered annoyed as he checked the bite wound, small marks on his forearm, he was grateful she hadn't done more.

"Geez... better disinfect it..." He muttered as he brought the wound up to his mouth and began licking it, his ears twitching slightly as he did so.
8th-Nov-2006 05:44 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
Heji blinked, watching him.
"D... Do you think that's... healthy?" he questioned.

Mia watched, looking somwhat transfixed for the moment. Heji noticed, and took the time to shift over to another door, opening it slowly and carefully, and revealling the bound young woman Mia had apparently tied up. As she was clothed, thankfully, Heji began untying the ropes without hesitance.
8th-Nov-2006 05:50 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef stopped his momentary... cleaning to look at Heji in obvious scorn.

"What should I clean it with?" He demanded. "The water around here? As if, that thing's got more pollutants in it then the water in a drain off irrigation ditch." He muttered as he continued licking. "Saliva's actually the cleanest liquid in you." He commented, then glanced at Mia as he notied her staring.

"... what do you want?" He asked narrowing his eyes.
8th-Nov-2006 11:42 pm (UTC) - Heji & Mia
When she girl was released and immediately fled, Heji walked out and looked at Klef again. After a moment, he decided not to contrast his statement. Maybe he had something...

Mia blinked as Klef took notice of her, and hummed in thought, scratching her head.
"...OH!" she shouted, holding a finger up. "I know who I saw do that before! The person I met one day in Morroc desert! ...Oh, wait, only he was a doggie..."

Heji looked at her. He had travelled there a couple of times... "You mean... a Desertwolf?"

Mia gasped, nodding and smiling. "Yeah yeah, that's it!"
8th-Nov-2006 11:46 pm (UTC) - Klef
Klef went red in the face as his ears twitched nervously.

"Well I'm NOT a fucking desert wolf." He said firmly giving her a harsh glare as he finished licking his wound, and interestingly enough, his spit seemed to hold healing properties as his wounds closed and sealed into barely noticeable scabs, that would most likely be gone by tomorrow.

Standing his gave himself a once over, and his tail waved to and fro, drying itself.

"... nothing else seems to be damaged. I want out." He finally said calmly glancing up.
9th-Nov-2006 12:29 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
Heji glanced up for a moment as well. Did he want to jump up to the roof? That would be odd...
When he looked back to Klef, he suddenly tensed.
Mia was tugging at his ears.
9th-Nov-2006 12:37 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef of course noticed a little sooner then Heji that his ears were being abused.

Something he did not take to very well.

"Listen you fucking runt..." He grumbled grabbing the offending hands red faced.
9th-Nov-2006 12:49 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
Mia tilted her head a little.
"Well I'm just kinda short..." she muttered.

Heji didn't like where this was going... Of course, he didn't exactly want to try stopping a battle if it broke out between them...
9th-Nov-2006 12:51 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef gave Mia his best reprimanding glare, and when he realized that wouldn't work, he glared at Heji.

"Get this thing away from me dammit!" He hissed.
9th-Nov-2006 12:54 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
"I..." began Heji, glancing nervously away for a second. "Well, I... She isn't mine... Maybe she... likes you..."

Mia gasped in surprise, pushing Klef down suddenly to lean and look at Heji. "I do...?"

(Supper, be back in a bit.)
9th-Nov-2006 01:00 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef went white as a sheet.

"OH FUCK NO!" He snapped flailing. Wrenching himself away from Mia he gave her a frightened look, images of intense pain already playing in his mind if Chicano found out he was intimately involved with-
HOLD ON. What intimate? He would kill himself before then!
9th-Nov-2006 01:11 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
Mia looked back at him for a moment, before turning and hopping a few paces back and forth, apparently in thought.
"Well, you got fuzzy ears and you're pretty tasty..." she contemplated, lost in her mind for a moment.

Heji, unsure how to react, looked over to Klef, fully aware of his excess terror.
"...Do you want to find a way back now?"
9th-Nov-2006 01:26 am (UTC) - Klef
Klef, unable to speak simply nodded quite quickly to Heji not liking the way Mia's train of thought was carrying on.

He needed to find a way to derail that train and quickly.
9th-Nov-2006 01:38 am (UTC) - Heji & Mia
Given no response, Heji decided that sneaking away from the situation might be best. He looked left and right, hoping to find someone who had stayed here so he could ask them directions. Nope. So he slowly, carefully backed off toward a door, hoping to find someone in another room...

Mia remained as she was, though hopping in place now. "I wonder if a wolfie-person can make me babies..."

(OoC: Um, my new topic's been up, by the way.)
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