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Dark Alliance
23rd-Jun-2006 12:38 am
(OOC: Why am I posting all the threads? X3)

"Chaos, Chaos get your ass back here you son of a-!"  A brazen voice called out across the courtyard and the said man with violet hair glanced back, crimson eyes blazing amusement.  His body adorned in an open black vest that revealed a well toned chest and slim fitting black jeans, while a threaded necklace wound around his neck, his trade black coat lay open and unzipped.

"Why?"  He asked smiling innocently.

"You stupid-!  Because we're supposed to do a job!"  He snapped angrily as he caught up with the demon panting.  Chaos's grin grew.  Bending in to press a kiss to the man's cheek, he ignored the indignant spluttering he received in reply, and instead straightened, before treating his companion to a sly wink.

"I apologize love, if you got the impression I gave a rats ass."  And then he vanished into a pool of shadow.

Reappearing onto the balcony of a tower, he glanced about and smiled.

The Tower of Trials, a cesspool of monsters set in the NorthEast part of town, created to test would be knights but open to the public and any who could fight and wanted to see their capability.  Lovely, he could use picking off some hapless adventurers who thought they could take on the world.  Turning into the tower, he let his crimson eyes glow in full and smirked.
2nd-Jul-2006 07:25 am (UTC) - Sanako
Upon that same balcony suddenly appeared a fairly tall man of about twenty-five, sporting silver-white hair and a fairly unique outfit (http://home.earthlink.net/~delhimo/images/new/Male_Assassin_Cross.gif, if you're obsessed with description). The cloakpiece behind was tinted bluish, though, which was the only deviation from the standard attire of the class he had trained to become for quite a while. Looking around at the view, he gave a light sigh and a jovial smile appeared on his lips.

"Ah, the moment I set eyes upon this tower, I knew it would be such a perfect place to enjoy the astonishing view that this lovely city posesses," he said to himself, having apparently only gotten there as he showed no sign of noticing the two who had just vanished. He leaned his hands against the railings, sighing arily once more and staring out in a blissfully dreamlike manner to the surrounding cityscape.
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